Wholesome Self-Love is an Earthy Embodied Endeavor

Unconscious comparison either fuels insecurity or arrogance. It is the basis of a fickle sense of self that can easily inflate or deflate our confidence. It keeps us spinning in an effort to measure up to a standard presented by the marketplace or our peers, that ultimately does not reflect our personal preferences, authentic gifts, or natural attributes.

Most of us unconsciously look around and assess ourselves from moment to moment. Depending on who is next to us in our professional context, what show we are watching, who's popping into our social media feed or who we are mingling with at a social gathering.

I have personally experienced and observed in peers how our relationship with comparison can make or break us, which is why I am passionate about supporting as many people as possible to consciously turn comparison into a source of affirmation and inspiration.

On Thursday August 31st at noon I will be hosting a FREE Self-Mastery Session to share tools to support you in developing sense of confidence and identity that reflects your authentic beauty and unique gifts. You will deepen your understanding of how comparison is impacting the way you see yourself and relate to others.

This Waning Half Moon in Taurus is a perfect time to pull your attention back from an external orientation. Take some time to ground into yourself by creating space for wholesome wholehearted care of you. Taurus balances the extroverted, passionate expressive energy of Leo and brings us into grounded connection.

Taurus embodies the archetype of The Lover and is associated with Venus and Aphrodite. As an Earth sign, it leads us back to what is essential to our wellbeing. Taurus reflects the Truth; that the path to authentic expression and wholehearted wholesome pleasure, in the beauty of life, is the path of LOVE. While this may seem self-evident, it can be proven challenging to apply, especially with respect to self-love.

Tender care of our bodies, talking pleasure in the beauty around us and creating nourishing meals are simple and sure fire ways to cultivate self-love. These acts reflect genuine care, which is the foremost expression of love. In turn, they support genuine and sustained confidence.


Take a moment right now. Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly, Inhale and exhale long and deeply into your belly ten times. Ask yourself: what is something I could do in the next 48 hours that would be deeply nourishing and nurturing?

Would hitting the farmers market, gathering a bit of the earth’s bounty and cooking a meal that supports your wellbeing, nourish you?

Would taking a long soak in salty water by candlelight and fragrance sooth your aching heart?

Would a meander through the woods to slow down and counter a hectic week relieve your stress?

Would turning on some inspiring music and dancing around your house light your fire?

Make a date with yourself to give yourself what your body tells you you need.


If you would like to shift out of the cycle of comparison, that keeps you externally oriented, and into a path of internal affirmation that supports sustained confidence and authentic expression

If you cannot make the webinar, continue to link to register, and a recording will be provided to you via email.