Join Us for a Free Self-Mastery Session:

Why do we Check-Out when we should be Checking-In?

When: Wednesday, March 18th, 11am ET


For this Self-Mastery Session, I invite us to share a process of self-inquiry together and then jump into a session to consider what we find and how it can inform us going forward.

Between now and the Full Moon in Pisces, I invite you to join me in a fact finding mission. And, then, join me in a Free Self-Mastery Session to reflect upon your data to learn about what it would mean to put in place a reasonable, doable game plan to support you to check-in more and check-out less.

The aim is to identify the ways we check-out and learn about what we actually are needing and how we can lean into the things that help us to check-in. This will allow us to actually meet the needs that our unconscious patterns fail to address. With mindfulness and awareness we can more effectively tend to our bodies, minds and nervous systems to give us what we need to maintain equilibrium.

From here we can make conscious choices that contribute to our relaxing, rejuvenating and unwinding in ways that prepare us to take more pleasure in our free time and connect more meaningfully with the people our love.  

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