Photography by The Yulia

Photography by The Yulia

Jessica Epperson-Lusty

My heart cracked and my mind opened as I witnessed my father, who had all that the culture tells us leads to happiness and contentment, self-destruct. I became I determined to understand what leads to true sustained self-awareness, inner peace and personal evolution. 

In my journey I became committed to supporting others who are awakening and embracing responsibility for their ability to heal the wounds of their personal lineage and unwind the internalized messages and experiences that feed the limiting patterns that lead to suffering.

My passion is to see individuals engage with themselves to realize deep connection with their abiding wisdom to speak and act in alignment with their aspirations to manifest their unique gifts.  

Honing crystal clear guidance, instructing practical life skills and providing accountability to stay the course, I specialize in facilitating breakthrough processes for self-discovery, embodiment, healing and transformation.

I incorporate knowledge and experiences from myriad sources including:

I incorporate knowledge and experiences from myriad sources including:

  • Sivananda ashram based 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • JourneyDance™ facilitator certification
  • 300 hour Yoga Psyche Soul: Yoga Psychology Advanced Teacher Training
  • Debra Silverman's Astrology Certification Program 
  • Urban Priestess Mystery School: 13 Moon Priestess Training and Initiation
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) techniques

My approach is holistic in the deepest sense and informed by an experiential understanding that sustainable mindful evolution and manifestation of our intentions requires that we integrate all aspects of ourselves. 

My classes and programs are based upon 4 foundational principles. 

  • Being in your body through the senses is key to being present and connected to your inner guidance and authentic voice. 
  • Learning to regulate our nervous system through the use of the most basic and profound tool of the breath is key to responding, rather than reacting, to life. 
  • Engaging regularly in self-Inquiry is essential to transforming limiting lineages that undermine the realization of our heart’s desires and the deepest intentions we have for ourselves and our relationships. 
  • Everything is cyclical. Learning to honor our own natural flow and the rhythms of nature supports inner peace and purposeful productivity. 

Attending one of my Yoga privates/classes or JourneyDance classes you will experience deep embodiment through breath, conscious movement, imagery suggestion and a weaving of wisdom teachings to nourish mind body and spirit. 

Through an Astrological Interpretation of your natal chart you will gain a level of compassionate self-awareness of the architecture of your psyche, understanding of your life lessons and purpose in this life as well as practical prescriptions for how to engage to realize your soul's aspirations. 

Working with me personally is to engage in a process of integrating body, mind and psyche through personalized practices with a caring and committed guide to support your healing process and personal aims. 

Engaging in my programs is a deep transformative journey into you through guided self-inquiry, implementing tools and honing skills to support you and realize the aims of the specific programs

Meditation, mindfulness practices, conscious movement (asana and dance), mantra, self-inquiry, living in rhythm and connection with nature, attention to nutrition and the power of ritual & ceremony form the foundation of the my programs, workshops, adventures, exercises and personalized practices.

If you desire to realize your most integral aspirations, which can seem beyond reach in the complicated and demanding nature of you daily life with skillful guidance and accountability to stay the course and realize your aims, let’s connect.