How are YOU getting in your own way?

My experience is that healing is not something we "do" it is something that we "allow".

What we can do is engage in personal inquiry to identify where we are stuck in patterns that forestall healing.

We can identify judgments, resistances, predispositions and prejudices that keep us from connecting with people, considering ideas and engaging in actions that can support our healing.

In other words, we can figure out how we are getting in our own way and engage a willingness to let go that healing often requires.

In Evolving Mindfully, one of the strategies we use to break patterns is taking clear symbolic actions.

These send strong inner signals and generate shifts in the underlying beliefs that keep us bound.

For example, we often resist getting wet in the rain.

Water moves things, it cleanses, clears and can even reshape the material world.

Allowing the rain to fall upon us while focusing on our willingness to let go of what we are holding onto that is forestalling our healing is a potent act that speaks deep into our unconscious.

If this symbolic act speaks to you, try it.


The next time it rains,
instead of reflexively

hiding under an umbrella
ducking your head
hunching your shoulders
or running for cover
(all symbolic of resistance)

turn your head to the sky
allow the rain to fall on you
feel the drops running down your face
breath deeply the fragrance of the rain
(all gestures of allowing)

invite a dissolution of
any idea, belief, preference, judgment
that is forestalling any healing
that is ripe to be realized within you.

See how you feel and please share your experience with me via

I would love to dive deeper with you in our Feel to Heal Sessions, more information here.

What Are Your Conversations Revealing? (click title to watch video)

Cultivating our capacity to mindfully observing ourselves through the eyes of the Inner Witness is central to our EM programs.

When we consciously observe our conversations we can assess whether what we are thinking, saying and actioning aligns with what we truly desire to presence and experience.

What we say AND what we don’t say gives us deep clues into where we are at this moment of our lives.

This seasons social engagements and extended time with family are present potent opportunities to pay attention to what we're saying.

Listen attentively and objectively to see if you hear friends or yourself telling the same story in different ways, grappling with the same material and cycling a little bit like a broken record.

I certainly observe myself doing that sometimes, which is why I have, through the process of evolving mindfully cultivated tools, practices and processes I work with, developed a rich inner conversation for inner-inquiry.  


As you listen, ask yourself, where are the:


Blind spots?


Inner conflicts?


What are they revealing?


What are the dynamics: do they express feeling a victim, undervalued, stuck, confused, exhausted, unworthy, lost, afraid, stuck with respect relationship, family, job?


Is there something that is so clearly not serving, yet it is not really being addressed?


If you find this reflects something in you or someone you love and want to support a compassionate awareness and mindful proactive engagement,

I encourage you to take advantage of one of our special offers exclusively you as someone who has had a Natal Chart reading and wants to go deeper and perhaps give the gift of Astral Insight to a loved one..

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Silence, Stillness and Speaking Out

I wanted to offer something this week in this potent moment in our cultural landscape, our societal landscape, our political landscape.

There is a lot that is surfacing and has been for a long time. As I have been sitting with all of this, I have really been taking the opportunity to weave in the practices that I offer in many different settings.

Recognizing that we all have places and spaces in our lives that we are silenced and have been silenced, much more silenced than we actually realized. The presentation of the things that are out there right now can be very triggering, people are having re-traumatization.

My orientation with Evolving Mindfully is to support you to feel into your own lenses and own layers of experience around anything, so that you can find inner silence, stillness, and from there become very clear on what your “Speak Out” is in this moment.

Each and every one of us has a valuable perspective.

So much in this moment is about the idea of discernment and deliberation. This Supreme Court role is one where we are expecting whomever who occupies it to be above and beyond. To have developed their skills of discerning and deliberating to such an extent that they can approach something that really considers all of the different layers with respect to a higher standard, the intention of the Constitution. The Constitution lays out the values that it intends to provide a framework for the realization of those ideas and values.

That is really what Evolving Mindfully is all about. It is about us, as individuals, really being in tune to what our personal Constitution is. What are the values and the intentions that we are measuring, our own internal responses to things as well as external things.

It is with that in mind that I wanted to provide a short exercise that would support you, if you really want to explore what is coming up in this moment or what is coming up for you in another area of your life, you can use this exercise to apply to anything.

I recommend having a pen and paper at hand. The idea of this is to take a moment to draw back, to be silent and to silence yourself and take this stillness to look within.