What Are Your Conversations Revealing? (click title to watch video)

Cultivating our capacity to mindfully observing ourselves through the eyes of the Inner Witness is central to our EM programs.

When we consciously observe our conversations we can assess whether what we are thinking, saying and actioning aligns with what we truly desire to presence and experience.

What we say AND what we don’t say gives us deep clues into where we are at this moment of our lives.

This seasons social engagements and extended time with family are present potent opportunities to pay attention to what we're saying.

Listen attentively and objectively to see if you hear friends or yourself telling the same story in different ways, grappling with the same material and cycling a little bit like a broken record.

I certainly observe myself doing that sometimes, which is why I have, through the process of evolving mindfully cultivated tools, practices and processes I work with, developed a rich inner conversation for inner-inquiry.  


As you listen, ask yourself, where are the:


Blind spots?


Inner conflicts?


What are they revealing?


What are the dynamics: do they express feeling a victim, undervalued, stuck, confused, exhausted, unworthy, lost, afraid, stuck with respect relationship, family, job?


Is there something that is so clearly not serving, yet it is not really being addressed?


If you find this reflects something in you or someone you love and want to support a compassionate awareness and mindful proactive engagement,

I encourage you to take advantage of one of our special offers exclusively you as someone who has had a Natal Chart reading and wants to go deeper and perhaps give the gift of Astral Insight to a loved one.