How are YOU getting in your own way?

My experience is that healing is not something we "do" it is something that we "allow".

What we can do is engage in personal inquiry to identify where we are stuck in patterns that forestall healing.

We can identify judgments, resistances, predispositions and prejudices that keep us from connecting with people, considering ideas and engaging in actions that can support our healing.

In other words, we can figure out how we are getting in our own way and engage a willingness to let go that healing often requires.

In Evolving Mindfully, one of the strategies we use to break patterns is taking clear symbolic actions.

These send strong inner signals and generate shifts in the underlying beliefs that keep us bound.

For example, we often resist getting wet in the rain.

Water moves things, it cleanses, clears and can even reshape the material world.

Allowing the rain to fall upon us while focusing on our willingness to let go of what we are holding onto that is forestalling our healing is a potent act that speaks deep into our unconscious.

If this symbolic act speaks to you, try it.


The next time it rains,
instead of reflexively

hiding under an umbrella
ducking your head
hunching your shoulders
or running for cover
(all symbolic of resistance)

turn your head to the sky
allow the rain to fall on you
feel the drops running down your face
breath deeply the fragrance of the rain
(all gestures of allowing)

invite a dissolution of
any idea, belief, preference, judgment
that is forestalling any healing
that is ripe to be realized within you.

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