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Free Self-Mastery Workshop: Freedom Flows from Love: Ego Based Relationship Versus Soul Based Relationship

Your primary partnership in life is the most essential relationship that you choose and build from the ground up.

The quality, tone and character of that relationship has more impact on our wellbeing and sense of freedom than any other (except our relationship to ourselves). For when we are truly held in soul-centered love, we feel expansive and free to express authentically.

Most of us long for true intimacy founded on unconditional love. We desire a partner who truly sees us, appreciates who we are, is attune to our needs and whose influence in our lives is supportive as we develop and express who we are in the world.

At the same time, some of us did not grow up surrounded by the kind of relationship we long to experience. The narratives that surround us more often than not reflect dysfunction and exemplify drama in relationships rather than presenting a conscious, soulful approach to partnership that reflects our hearts’ longing.

Whether you are in a relationship or between, this is an opportunity to reflect on your approach to relationship, take stock of the skills you have to cultivate conscious relationship and consider how you can up your game as a partner.

Join me for a Self-Mastery Session to consider the difference between an ego based relationship and soul centered relationship.

In this interactive self-mastery session we will explore:

  • The difference between an ego based and soul centered relationship.

  • Common patterns of engagement that forestall the emotional intimacy we long to experience.

  • Skills you can learn to bring more mindfulness to your relationship.

Earlier Event: February 8
Integrated Flow
Later Event: February 13
Integrated Flow