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Free Self-Mastery Workshop: Stay on Track to Realize your Resolutions with an Elemental Action Plan

The excitement has died down and the rubber is meeting the road to follow through on our resolutions and intentions for the year. The realization of any goal requires a blend of energy, attributes and qualities that are well articulated in many ancient wisdom systems using the four elements.

Join me for a Self-Mastery session to assess how you can apply elemental thinking to realize your personal intentions/resolutions for 2018.

The Elements are powerful, direct symbols that individuals can orient toward, to discover where they are out of balance and cultivate the energies needed to bring their bodies, minds and spirits into states of equilibrium.

In this interactive self-mastery session we will explore:

  • Basic understanding of elemental wisdom teaching and thinking

  • Self-awareness regarding how you engage elemental energies in your life

  • Practical prescriptions to implement an Elemental Action Plan

Earlier Event: January 11
Integrated Flow
Later Event: January 16
Integrated Flow