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Free Self-Mastery Workshop: Learn the Elementals of Astrology as a Tool for Healing, Growth and Self-Actualization

Curiously skeptical about how Astrology can support you in realizing Empowering Self-Awareness as you look to the year ahead?

Ancient and contemporary traditions throughout the world identify the four Elements - Air (some traditions refer to as Wind or Breath), Fire, Water and Earth - as the foundational ingredients for all that exists.

Astrology is one of the systems that uses the Elements to articulate comprehensive understandings of human characteristics and modes of being. The elements and their associative signs embody the specific modes that energy expresses through feelings, thoughts, words, material and actions to create our life circumstances and experiences.

The Elements are powerfully direct symbols that individuals can orient toward to discover where they are out of balance and cultivate the energies needed to bring their bodies, minds and spirits into states of equilibrium.

In this interactive self-mastery session we will explore:

  • Basic understanding of the elemental nature of Astrology

  • Self-awareness regarding how you engage these energies in your life

  • Practical prescriptions for how to put this knowledge to immediate effect

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