Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Ease and Joy

Pleasance Silicki is a local DELIGHT, an inspiring Yogini, powerhouse entrepreneur and trailblazer in the field of family Yoga.. I am amazed and inspired by the beauty, depth of practices and experiences that Pleasance continues to offer to the community through her classes, workshops, retreats and now with Delight.

" I wrote Delight as a gift - as an offering to any woman who needs a little inspiration and love on the journey to truly living a life of whole- hearted- open- compassionate living. Delight is a short and easily digestible reminder for us all that we can take simple practices and transform our day to day into a sacred ordinary life."  - Pleasance

"This is a brilliant book that provides concrete lessons on how to transition into living the kind of life that sings to the soul. The author shares personal anecdotes along with instructions. This feels like sitting down with an enlightened friend to get some life advice. I've bookmarked the Mind-Body exercises and will come back to this book over and over. Well worth the time and money!”  - Says one reviewer of the 54/54 who gave her book 5 stars on Amazon. 

Her journey as a Yogini and mother meld beautifully in her focus on supporting mothers in expanding their experience of ease and mindfulness in their roles as mothers and beyond. Pleasance is consistent, practical and deeply supportive in her advice. 

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