Meet your Guides

Christine Koth

Christine Koth is a seasoned physical therapist, seeker, leader and teacher. Her love of projects and the creative process has led her in many social betterment directions over the years resulting in creating many physical therapy clinics, a private school for children, an outdoor classroom at an elementary school and many integrated healthcare environments.

She thrives in situations rich in conversation, contemplation and collaboration.  Drawn to hosting retreats and workshops that allow for further exploration into the beauty all around us and the vastness deep within us, she brings the community together in a way that makes us realize our sameness and connectedness. Her spiritual quest has recently focused on the essence of the Goddess and Priestess. With Jessica, she immersed herself in a recent pilgrimage to Glastonbury and the surrounding sacred lands and they are both currently immersed in a yearlong Urban Priestess training and apprenticeship.

She is inspired to continue to live each day with passion, joy and purpose, but is also inspired to dig deeper into what really is beneath these labels.  Her curiosity about how the world works continues to evolve into a curiosity of what is really true.

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Jessica Epperson-Lusty

There is nothing that lights me up more than connecting with what is at the heart and soul of life! My central quest is healing the wounds that hold us back, unleashing our creative potential and building skills that support connection with our deepest intentions, intuitive nature and life's purpose.

Moving through the traumas and challenges of my life as well as the opportunities I have had to heal, learn and grow has led me to embrace and embody a rich hertigate of wisdom traditions I am devoted to sharing with other people seeking to live a life of joy, passion, creativity, intimacy and service.

Sharing what I learn and practice daily to continue to manifest my gifts and evolve mindfully is an expression of gratitude and the love I have for this awe inspiring world, the great mystery and wonder of being alive.  

Creating adventures that bring us into our senses, connection with nature, intimacy with ourselves and others is my greatest passion. Facilitating life enhancing and healing experiences is my life's work. Engaging in inspiring evolutionary adventure with others is a dream come true.