Evolutionary Adventure for Women

Tulum, Mexico

February 26 - March 3, 2018


Do you long for adventure? 

Are you committed to your own evolution, growth and empowerment? 

Are you deeply nourished and inspired by deep dives into nature's beauty and bounty?

Do you thirst for more meaningful connection to yourself and other women?

Then you do not want to miss an Evolutionary Adventure.

Evolutionary Adventures

Our thoughtfully crafted experiences creatively support conscious evolution through inner exploration and inspiring adventure in stunning settings. Exploring beautiful landscapes, sacred sites and spiritual wisdom practices, we foster personal expansion.

Cultivating skills for conscious engagement with ourselves and mindfulness practices we emerge enlivened, empowered and equipped to experience deeper presence, alignment with our heart's desires and connected to our source of inner wisdom and guidance.

Our Evolutionary Adventures impeccably blend...

  • Facilitated excursions into nature’s wondrous bounty deep to enhance perceptive presence

  • Practices to connect with your sources of inspiration and inner guidance

  • Authentic experiences of local cultures and their spiritual practices

  • Enriching ritual offerings to hone profound inner connection

  • Guidance to align with the rhythms of nature to support ongoing processes when you return home

Give yourself the gift of an evolutionary adventure to heal, learn, explore and grow in ways that will serve you, those you love and your community.

Returning from our Evolutionary Adventure for Women:

  • You will perceive your inner self and exterior experiences with more clarity for deeper connection to your inner guidance
  • You will be able to integrate an more mindful and intentional approach to daily life to facilitate ongoing healing, growth and mindful evolution. 
  • You will be empowered and know how to implement profound and transformative practices.
  • Your will see the world and yourself through an expanded lens of awareness and be aligned with the rhythms of nature. 

We will emerge from the jungle realigned, enlivened and refreshed. Embodying knowledge & practices that empower, we will return to home, work and relationships with clear presence and deeper connection to our own source of inner guidance.

This adventure is an opportunity relish a deep sensual adventure in the stunning beauty of the Mayan landscape and culture without without having to plan, make decisions or do the work to make it happen.

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE experience that you will not forget.

Your Investment in Yourself or Your Relationship Includes:

All lodging, meals, airport transfers, local transportation, excursions, programming and special gifts such as:

  • Eco-Lodging in the Mayan jungle for 5 nights
  • Homemade and thoughtfully prepared whole food breakfasts and dinners onsite
  • Offsite authentic cuisine for several lunches and dinners at extraordinary locations
  • 5 sensational excursions to stimulate the senses and deepen your experience of Tulum
  • Programming onsite by Jessica and Christine designed specifically to enliven & expand your experience in Tulum and develop our connections to ourselves, each other in ways that will change your life forever
  • Heartening and heart-opening connections with an amazing and inspiring group that will nourish and inspire you on every level
  • Several spirited surprises
  • Exclusive Evolutionary Adventuring memento
  • Airport transfers to and from La Calma
  • Local transportation to all of our adventures

Does NOT include airfare to/from Cancun and shopping or spa services.  That’s it, we have the rest covered.

Investment in this ALL-INCLUSIVE Evolutionary Adventure for Women:

  • $2190 Double or Triple Occupancy
  • Early bird rate of $1990 if registered by October 31st
  • $500 deposit required to secure your spot with balance due by check on January 1st, 2018. 
  • OR 10 monthly payments of $210

Spread the love.  Register with a friend and each person receives $50 off


Reviews from Evolutionary Adventurers

“Jessica and Christine bring a wellspring of energy and insight to this magical jungle retreat.  The natural environment, practices and workshops not only enabled me to connect to myself but laid the groundwork for a sustained connection through a spiritual daily practice.  

The activities and excursions through the Mayan landscape were a sensory feast - with the vivid azure blue water of the ocean, the clear cool water of the cenotes (pools formed by underground rivers), the scents of sage and copal, the heat of the temazcal (sweat lodge) and luxuriant quicksand of the lagoon, thousand year old stones of the old ruins under your feet.  And so much more.  

I can't imagine a better way to get out of one's head.  I realized afterward how accustomed I'd become to functioning in a harried life without fully inhabiting my entire body.  I highly recommend this retreat for all women.” 

- Frances Wu, Washington DC 2016 & 2017


“The beauty of Tulum, the private and personalized experience at LaCalma, and the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the power within me and my connection with the universe just cannot be put into words. Jessica and Christine hosted one of the most beautiful and powerful retreats I have ever experienced. When I returned home I experienced first hand how the power and beauty within me is a gateway to a beautiful and rewarding life. Since Tulum, I feel more empowered and calm, even though there is chaos all around me, and that presence transfers to those around me. Thank you for the gift of peace, Christine and Jessica!”

- Lauren Winter, Madison, WI, 2017


"Entering into this grand adventure, I was uncertain as to what I might encounter.  Any expectation I had was exceeded by the second day.  Jessica and Christine had arranged a detailed schedule that allowed time for experiences that stimulated every sense.

They fostered a loving, supportive environment that allowed participants to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone.  It also allowed participants to freely discuss dreams, questions and struggles.  I believe we all were able to grow through many of the group discussions.

The setting was ideal.  It was wonderfully tranquil and removed from everything. Through the activities and the setting, I was able to completely relax for the first time in a very long time.

I would highly recommend this adventure.  I felt that it was a wonderful value as virtually everything was included in the cost.  I had the opportunity to engage in many amazing activities.  I was provided with guidance and support to foster practices to be better in tuned to my mind, body and spirit.  Deciding to go on this trip was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

- Julie Spitzack, Madison, WI, 2017


The Evolutionary Adventure was a truly transformative experience! Jessica and Christine created a safe, supportive space to step back from the day-to-day “noise” and reflect deeply on how to cultivate a more intentional, meaning-centered life. I came home with much greater clarity on the person I want to be, and the practices that will help me be my best self. I would highly recommend this experience!"

- Julie Obbard, San Franscisco, CA, 2017


“I entered this retreat not knowing the leaders of the program. It was unbelievable to meet Christine and Jessica, both of whom are extremely bright, capable, and fearless women who lead the group with confidence, compassion and the greatest sense of adventure. Both Christine and Jessica created a space where each individual could explore what they needed from the program, but yet fostered an environment where everyone felt empowered to bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the conversation.  Talking with women who experience life open to all its possibilities yet recognizing its challenges is an incredible thing

Being somewhat of a guarded person, that was easily stripped away when I met the other women attending the retreat. Being in an atmosphere where honesty, vulnerability and love were palpable, it was surprising how open I became within the short period of time.

LaCalma is an amazing location for a retreat of this type. The serenity of the open space and the surrounding jungle invites you to relax and reflect.

The excursions were amazing and exhilarating. You must bring a sense of adventure and being open to whatever is presented to you, however.  I felt empowered after participating in them.

This retreat was amazing! Amazing due to the beautiful spirits who lead it, the incredible women who brought their whole selves to the space and because it involved things in which most of us do not participate in our daily lives.

I came away from the retreat with a greater sense of myself, a renewed spirit to foster positive energy in the universe and knowledge that I have shared with others around me.

As it has been a month since the retreat, my life has gone back to center around work and family, all of which bring their own stresses. I do find that I am more able to respond to those things with a more open heart and a renewed spirit to move through each and every day.  I initially found myself “walking softer” through each day but quickly realized that the retreat experience stayed with me beyond the six days.”  

– AC, Madison, WI, 2016