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Free Self-Mastery Workshop: Empowerment: Is it Time to Activate your Capacity to Create the Life You Sense is Possible?

Do you feel like you spend a ton of time trying to please others?

Do you doubt your capabilities and undervalue your experience?

Do you feel envious of others who pursue their passions and have a clear sense of purpose?

Empowerment is a state of mind and way of engaging in the world that begins inside of us.  

Empowerment is exercised through skills that anyone can cultivate.

When we are empowered we feel hopeful, capable, resourceful, energetic, confident and sovereign.   

When we are empowered we neither judge nor blame, rather we take responsibility to process issues from the past to heal, learn and reclaim our power.

Tending to your personal empowerment is essential to living the life you envision.

Mindful attention to building skills, gathering resources, acting with authority and exercising opportunity is key to living a life of purpose and fulfillment.  

Owning the thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns that we need to shift is the first course of action we must take to empower ourselves.

In this interactive Evolving Mindfully Self-Mastery Session we will:

  • Explore empowerment as an mindset.

  • Gain clarity on your relationship to empowerment.

  • Identify tools and strategies to exercise your empowerment everyday.

Earlier Event: December 6
Moon Circle
Later Event: December 13
Integrated Flow