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Free Self-Mastery Workshop: What Doors are Judgement and Inhibition Holding Closed in Your Life?

It is hard to appreciate just how conditioned we are not to venture into the places and spaces our curiosity beckons us. Inhibition is a something that we all naturally inclined toward to different degrees. Our natural inclinations can be accentuated by unconscious proscriptions that we pick up from our families of origin, cultural messaging, religious doctrine and peer groups.

Judgments that we may never have considered consciously keep doors closed to us that, if unlocked and stepped through, may open up fields of possibility for play, pleasure, meaning and service that we deeply desire. Inhibition can be a major block to authentic connection, acceptance, healing, peace and transformation in our relationship to ourselves and with others.

I have come to experience unwinding judgment and inhibitions to create space for curiosity and exploration as keys to the discovery of what I am most grateful for in my life today.



  • Awareness of how your judgments create blocks to following your curiosity.
  • How to recognize subconscious inhibitions that hold you back.
  • How to loosen their hold to venture through new portals of potential in your life.
Earlier Event: June 5
Integrated Flow
Later Event: June 7
Integrated Flow