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Free Self-Mastery Workshop: Transcend Judgment to Enhance Connection and Peace

In this Self-Mastery session I transcend our established format to try something new. We will share on a specific topic as usual, and we will add an extra personal astrological angle.

It is hard to appreciate just how conditioned we are to judge one another. Judgement is a Nature AND Nurture dynamic. We carry unconscious judgements that arise from our personal composition of attributes and characteristics that we can gain insight into through an astrological perspective. These can be accentuated by opinions and preferences we pick up from our families of origin, religious doctrine, peer groups, local as well as mainstream culture.

Judgements that we may never have considered consciously carry personal, professional and political implications. Judgements can be a major block to authentic connection, acceptance, healing, peace and transformation in our relationship to ourselves and with others.

In my experience I have come to see our judgements as our greatest teachers.

In this interactive Self-Mastery session we will explore:

  • Awareness of how your judgements create blocks to authentic fulfillment.

  • What our judgements have to teach you about you own desires and needs.

  • Strategies to withdraw judgement and practice empathy.

I invite you to join me and, if you would like, to submit a question or inquiry about an area in your life or a relationship where you are experiencing challenge in some way along with your birth information. I will select two inquiries to explore live, through the lens of Astrology.

If your inquiry is selected I will use your Natal Chart as a point of reference to explore the issues relevant to your question. In our live exchange during the session, we will hone insight and strategies that can support you to identify and transcend judgement to support the shift you desire.

Earlier Event: March 2
Later Event: March 6
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