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Jessica Epperson-Lusty

I view life as a quest to foster love, pursue conscious living, manifest creative potential and evolve spiritually. 

I draw upon myriad practices and resources to design and support integrated processes of self-discovery, healing and evolution.

My passion is to see individuals cultivate a way of engaging with themselves and the world to realize a deep connection with their abiding wisdom, speak and act in align with their aspirations to manifest their unique gifts.  

I incorporate knowledge and experiences from myriad sources including:

Sivananda ashram based yoga teacher training

JourneyDance™ facilitator certification

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) techniques 

300 hour Yoga Psyche Soul: Yoga Psychology Teacher Training

Debra Silverman's Astrology Certification Program 

Urban Priestess Mystery School: 13 Moon Priestess Training and Initiation

I integrate the wisdom teachings and practices of these traditions with modern practical life to enhance the quality of our relationships and to live a life that reflects our most soulful aspirations.

My approach is holistic in the deepest sense and informed by an experiential understanding that for healing, growth and the realization of our intentions to manifest sustainably the process must fully integrate all aspects of ourselves. Meditation, mindfulness practices, conscious movement (asana and dance), mantra, self-inquiry, living in rhythm and connection with nature, attention to nutrition and the power of ritual & ceremony form the foundation of the workshops, adventures, excercises and personalized practices I create to support healing, growth and transformation. I offer individuals seeking the realization of their deepest intentions and most integral aspirations, which can seem beyond reach in the busy, complicated, demanding nature of our daily lives, guidance and accountability to stay the course and realize their aims. 

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