Personalized Guidance for your Path

I design processes and personalize them to support individuals in embracing each moment of life in full open presence, to engage from intention, respond skillfully to challenge and mindfully to opportunity to live as you aspire to live. 

Integrating a holistic approach with timeless tools and strategies we uncover, heal and transform emotional patterns and limiting thoughts to bring you into alignment with your inner abiding wisdom. 

It is a path of active engagement with yourself on a level of personal inquiry in which you will develop consistent and ongoing ways of relating to life to support mindfulness and creative engagement. 

Together we create custom practices for you to facilitate personal empowerment and enlightenment through which you manifest your gifts to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.  

Step - By - Step

We will work one-on-one to design a customized practices to meet you where you are in your journey. I provide gentle accountability to support you in staying committed and following through on your plan to

  •  enhance perceptive presence
  •  bring you in alignment with your deepest intentions
  • cultivate internal sources of affirmation
  • identify and transform sabotaging patterns of thought and behavior
  • hone your intuitive knowing/internal guidance
  • manifest your gifts to live on purpose

Side - by - Side

I design programs for individual work in a group setting as well as experiences to support interpersonal goals for groups of people working together in professional, spiritual or institutional settings to support conscious communication, visioning, creative problem solving and community cohesion. 

First Step

Request a complimentary initial consultation to explore your personal goals or workshop idea by sending a request to

I will provide an initial inquiry form and schedule a time to connect.

In Other's Words...

I was at a point in my life where I needed to radically change. I was emotionally and physically impulsive with myself and the world around. On the flip side I was self-critical, judgmental of others and full of fear; although it wasn’t noticeable from my ‘bubbly ‘external image, I was full of shadows from my past, darkness that was directly effecting the way I functioned on a daily basis. this seemed like it was either going to be my reality, this endlessly exhausting repertoire or I could take the first step to change. I knew this altered way of living was close by, it was in me, however I needed the guidance and tools to excavate this internal evolution. I met Jessica through a mutual friend at an event and after I opened up to her she suggested we connect. Over time she organically offered a process aligned to fit my lifestyle and how I interact with myself and others. The meditations, affirmations, resources journaling and the exchanges she and I had, felt completely natural; if anything I felt like I was having casual conversation with an old friend. The way that I’m thinking and living now, has completely transformed. My relationships and self confidence are stronger, fear abolished and I have the tools to steadily progress; living with my mind and heart open and ready for anything.

- Poppy, Washington DC

I first met Jessica when I attended her Attuning To Your Senses retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Not really knowing what to expect, I was quickly put at ease by Jessica and Christine's beautiful energy and sense of caring. The retreat was a jumping-off point for me, and I have gone on to work with Jessica on a one-to-one basis. She has an amazing ability to listen and understand what one needs. Based on this, she cultivates beautiful practices to honor and support one's self. 

- Lauren, Madison WI