Private Yoga Instruction for Self-Mastery

Yoga is an ancient system of self-inquiry and self-mastery to the realization of enlightenment. This journey is laid out in the The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and is referred to as The Eightfold Path.

My instruction combines years of practice and experience with The Eightfold Path as well as Advanced Teacher training in Yoga Psychology, which bridges the Yogic method and corresponding aspects of the Western Psychological model.

Blending ancient and modern wisdom and practices, I provide private instruction that charts a holistic course to for healing, personal growth and spiritual evolution. 

Contact me for more information about working together privately or brining me to your studio for classes or workshops. 

I offer private Integrated Yoga within my sacntuary studio in Cleveland Park.


Yoga for Self-Mastery is an Integrative Approach to Yoga Instruction


Each sessions includes instruction in:

Pranayama - breath work to self-regulate the nervous system to support your ability to respond rather than react to your life circumstances.

Asana  - physical postures to improve flexibility, strength and physical alignment.

Dharana and Dhyana - concentration and meditation to support mastery of the mind and a mindful approach to life.