Moon Cycle Mindfulness & Meditation Series

I invite you into a simple and straightforward LIVE 28 day journey to fit into your busy, complicated days a practice that will change the quality of your life.

Each Week of the Cycle You Will Learn:

  • A different form of mediation to support particular aspects of mindfulness. 

  • A breath exercise to regulate your nervous system and direct attention skillfully. 

  • A mudra chosen to support weekly focus of practice.

  • An Integrated Asana Flow to practice throughout the week. 

Flow of the Series

  1. Sign up and join our community through our closed Facebook group. 

  2. Begin with our opening workshop on the basics of meditation and mindfulness to orient before the moon cycle begins. 

  3. Mark your calendar to set aside 7 - 7:30am for our LIVE daily practice. 

  4. Tune into the 7am live practice held in Zoom accessed through our closed FB page. If you cannot make it live one day, you will have an opportunity to access the recording later that day.

  5. After our practice each Saturday we will use our time for reflections and questions.

  6. Each Sunday, our practice will be followed by a live Asana practice. You will have the recording of the practice to also work with during the week if you choose.

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Align with Your Intentions through a Moon Cycle of Mindfulness Meditation Package

This package includes  2 - 1 hour personalized Align with Intention sessions during the course of the series. These sessions include astrological inquiry, personalized processes and practices to support your deep integration of mindfulness with your personal transformation goals. As well as two 20-minute support calls after the series ends to support you to stay aligned.


In Their Own Words:


"I love the base this series has given me for showing up. I am already having anxiety of "what am I going to do tomorrow?". What I think I have been able to accomplish now, is the ability to step outside of myself, because of all of the sensory work.

This has been such an interplay of internal, external and a different approach of how to meditate.

I was missing a chunk of how I was mindful with myself as I went through the day, as if they were two different skills. Having what I recognize now as a constant low, now I feel completely "that's not such a big deal anymore". That for me has been the absolute biggest gift, is recognizing that everything has that consciousness, everything I interplay with. Whether it's fire, water, air, I am realizing oh it's just time.

Having to work through this every single day, having to negotiate "can I get up." "can I really sink in"?

I have not had neck pain since we've started. I have massive degeneration in the back of my cervical spine. Since sitting in prayer each morning, with the neck down and really concentrating in and having my belly be soft, my neck pain is gone...all the time."


“I am so grateful to Jessica for doing this and giving her time for us to be together and be a teacher but to be present with us and walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  

I have met Jessica a couple times before, and there was something that kept drawing me to her.  

One thing I am so amazed with is we are a bunch of strangers, in essence, but I feel this space in the morning has been very safe. My trust levels are always very low, people usually have to gain trust, I like to watch and figure people out.  

This has been a really unique experience for me. One, to work with people completely remote and literally create an energy space that is safe. Safe to try new things, to practice, to integrate, to share openly.  

I am so grateful to my group that we have been able to do this, it has been a really special month. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  

What I have really realized is mindfulness has a place. I have held on everyday to, “Can I show up and be present in this moment, on purpose, with awareness, and without judgment.” I have gotten so much out of this month, my husband has even mentioned that I have been moving through the world differently.”  

- Maria



“This series was nothing short of amazing, enabling me to engage in a focused, consistent meditation practice at a set time daily. Despite a regular practice previously, I lacked a consistent time set aside just for meditation and community--common unity and sangha--vital for deepening mindfulness and meditation throughout my daily life, on and off the cushion.

What I liked most about the design of the program was that it was live, at a set time, for the entire 28-day cycle. This was also the most challenging, but that is precisely why I undertook the opportunity to be a participant; I needed and wanted the sense of community, connection, and accountability.

Jessica's most defining characteristic as a facilitator is her presence. She's there not just to impart information or to guide a session, but to be a living, breathing, fully present example of each session. Never once did I get a sense that Jessica was just "phoning it in," even when life happened, technology offered challenges, or there was only one participant on live. No matter what, I felt that time and space were being held with and FOR me. Being able to provide this level of connection is an invaluable quality for mind-body work, as it provides the element of heart so desperately needed in the world.

I would sign up for this again eagerly, and would recommend it without hesitation to friends, colleagues, and/or family.  

This experience has been priceless in so many ways.”  

- Angela