Jump-Start Series

Do you sense that there is something in your past that holds you you back?

Do you long to shift, but do not know where to start or find yourself stuck at certain points along the way?

So many aspects of our lives: family dynamics, cultural norms/messages, experiences that we internalize can obscure our understanding of who we really are, why we are here and keep us in a holding pattern. 

Nevertheless, we sense that we come into this life with a purpose and many of us realize that engaging with our purpose is the gateway to filling our hearts' desires and realizing our potential in this lifetime.

This is an in-depth proactive Self-Mastery Series that provides a jumpstart from the soul’s perspective.

  • Program Duration: 4 weeks (longer timeframe is possible)
  • Bi-weekly personalized practices of self-inquiry related to key themes as determined by first session. 
  • Guided meditation to support process. 
  • 2 - 1 hour calls to process your reflections and discoveries for release, to develop affirmations and an integrated plan for you to implement that reflects true engagement with your heart’s desires as they reflect your purpose. 


Transforming Limiting Lineages Series

Do critical aspects of your past linger as limiting beliefs, resentments, regrets and/or habits that hinder you from exercising opportunities, enjoying deep intimacy and/or expressing yourself creatively?

Do you find yourself acting out of old wounds and patterns that prevent you from from being fully present to your life today?

Do you feel limited in how you see yourself in relationship to creating a future that truly reflects the desires of your heart and your souls aspiration? 

Do you distract yourself to avoid dealing with this issues in your relationships or current circumstances? 

Do have visions and soulful apsiations that fill you with hope, but then feel undermined by self-doubt and the perceived limits of your current circumstances?

This is a deep dive into your heart and coming home to your soul's gifts. This program is you holding you; you seeing you; you forgiving you; you accepting you through a truly deep understanding the architecture of your life from an astrological perspective that will allow you to be fully present to who/where you have been, who/where you are and creatively engage with who you are becoming. 

  • Program Duration 8 weeks (timeframe can be adjusted if needed to accommodate needs).
  • Bi-weekly personalized practices of self-inquiry related to key themes as determined by first session. 
  • Guided meditation to support process. 
  • 4 - 1 hour calls to process your reflections and discoveries for release, to develop affirmations and an integrated plan for you to implement that reflects true engagement with the shifts and releases you will realize.



Supported Sadhana for Self-Mastery and Actualization

A sadhana is a personal practice that is traditional to Yogic and Bhuddist traditions that leads to the attainment of aspirations. Cultivating a daily sadhana supports the realization of spiritual and personal aims. Developing a sadhana that fully reflects where you are in relationship with yourself and your intentions is a game changing undertaking. 

A sadhana can consist of a mix of spiritual and secular practices including: mantra, meditation, pranayama (breath), mudra, journaling, massage, self-care rituals, and/or active orientation toward a archetype or diety that embodies the qualities you will actively cultivate to support your aims.

With this offering we will work together to define and refine your aspirations at this time in your life, identify the tools and practices that would focus energy to realize your aspiration. Creatively customizing your sadhana is a process of self-discovery and results in a powerfully potent practice that is particular to what you desire to manifest.

I will support you in holding your gently accountable throughout the 40days of your sadhana and

  • 8 Weeks.
  • Planning, design of Sadhana, support during the 40 day Sadhana to mindfully integrate insights and discoveries for growth and transformation. 
  • Guided meditation to support process. 
  • 5 - 1 hour calls for planning, designing and processing discoveries and insights.



Systemic Shifts through the Chakras 

The chakra system is an energetic system that's associated with specific developmental stages of the human psyche. It is a comprehensive system, encompassing the most essential aspects of who we are and how we function function in the world as well as those aspirational sides of ourselves that pull us toward healing, growth and manifestation of our hearts desires. 

This is for the a individual who is truly ready for a profound personal growth and is willing to invest time and attention to their own process of self-discovery, healing, transformation and evolution. This is a deep dive of self -inquiry, processing and manifestation that is supported by skillful guidance.

If you sense that there are unconscious factors at play that are limiting your realization of your aspirations for your relationships, life’s work and community and deeply desire to live the life you aspire to this is a offering that will support that aim. Over seven months we will systematically work through the major energetic centers on the level of body and psyche to identify areas of stagnation, sources of dissatisfaction and arrested development to shift patterns of thinking and behaving that undermine the realization of an integrated experience aligned with your deepest intentions.

This is a 4 or 7 month series that is personalized, interactive and integrated. It consists of:

  • Guided meditations
  • Written self-inquiry assignments
  • Personalized practice prescriptions which will include a mix of breath work, movement and meditation, mudra and other exercises
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one calls to process discoveries and support accountability. 

At the end of the program you will have gained:

  • A deep experiential understanding of the chakra system as it corresponds to different areas of your body and psyche
  • Well formed habits of mindfulness practices to enhance depth of presence with yourself and others. 
  • Personally gained embodied self-awareness of the sources of persistent patterns of thought an behavior. 
  • Ability to direct the flow of attention and intention in your body and psyche to regain clarity and balance in the face of life’s challenges.
  • Ability to self-direct your energy mindfully and skillfully to take the next right action in alignment with your intentions. 

4 month option - $1000

8 month option - $2000