Feel to Heal

These personalized sessions offer clear guidance and build your capacity to learn to get out of your head and into your heart and body intelligence, process emotion with self-compassion to respond rather than react and navigate yours and others feelings with emotional intelligence.

Have you come to realize you were not really taught how to mindfully observe, process and communicate the feelings that arise as you encounter the world around you?

Do you tend to back away from uncomfortable feelings, reaching for something to numb or project onto others?

Are you ready to learn how to mindfully engage your feelings in a way that is honoring and respectful to yourselves as well as others?

Your Feel to Heal Session is about:

  • Giving you space and time to mindfully inquire into your feelings in order to learn what they are telling you.

  • Gaining insight into how you tend to respond when deeper emotions are triggered.

  • Shifting patterns that distort the way you engage with ourselves and others.

As we learn how to meet our feelings with mindfulness and compassion in realtime, we more often respond from a place of intention rather than reacting unconsciously to what is happening in our lives.

It would be my delight to support you to explore your relationship with emotion and develop practices to navigate feelings skillfully.

Your session can be conducted online in a zoom room or in our sanctuary studio.