Astrological Insight to support Mindful Evolution

Astrology is a lens through which we can powerfully explore the nature and character of our psyche as well as the dynamics of our lives. It is a system practiced throughout ancient civilizations. As our understanding of ourselves as part of the cosmos evolves so does the practice, investigation and refinement of astrology. This evolution is reflected in the work philosophers and psychologists from Plato to Jung, who stated that “Astrology represents the sum of all psychological knowledge of antiquity." 

As with all philosophies and systems of thought that seek a deep and comprehensive understanding of human nature and experience from the most fundamental to the most profound issues we face individually and collectively it is complex and nuanced.

In my quest for self-awareness, healing and spiritual evolution I never expected to encounter astrology as such a potent tool and certainly never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would become an astrologer. Alas, this is the nature of the mystery of my path unfolding to my delight because the amazement, insight and empowerment that working with my own chart and providing interpretations for others has brought is truly awe inspiring. 

It would be my honor and delight to offer to you, through an astrological interpretation of your chart, insight into your life’s journey to fulfill your unique purpose, navigate life’s challenges with grace and realize your soulful aspirations.  

The insights garnered are a catalyst for breakthrough and transformation. 

Interpretation of Natal (birth) Chart Session:

This session provides a comprehensive look at your astrological composition. If you have never had a astrology reading this is the place to start.

  • Assessment of personal characteristics, attributes and patterns

  • Major aspects of challenge and opportunity

  • Insight into how to shift inner dialogue to align with intention

  • Key directives to activate central attributes to cultivate your gifts

  • Understanding of your lessons and purpose in this lifetime

  • Highlighting timing, cycles and themes

Life Lessons and Purpose Session 

I am passionate about supporting people to live fulfilling lives of purpose, which I why I am offering a Saturn focused Astral Interpretation specifically designed to support your engagement with your key life lessons and purpose on this lifetime. 

This session focuses on life review based on the placement of Saturn in your birth chart and the cyclical transits of Saturn that are critical points in your life journey referred to as dates with destiny or fate lines. This review helps reveal what you came here to master in order to fulfill your purpose and will brings you into a deeper understanding of your life lessons in an empowering and enlightening way. 

If you sense that you have come into this life with a purpose and that engaging with your purpose is the gateway to filling your hearts' desires and realizing our potential in this lifetime, give yourself the gift of this session.

Solar Return Session: the ultimate birthday gift, a peek into the year ahead.

This session is a truly out of this world birthday gift. Astrology is all about timing. The positioning of the planets in any point in our lives exercise a vital influence with regard to life lessons, change, challenge and opportunities. This Solar Return session considers the astrological forecast for a particular year ahead. It includes interpretation of areas of the natal chart with respect to planetary transits for the coming year. This is an amazing opportunity to orient toward the next year of life with deep awareness. It provides understanding of the timing of the year, supports clear direction on questions that are coming up and particular opportunities for release, change and manifestation.

  • Natal Chart and Solar Return sessions conducted over the phone or video call.

  • All sessions are recorded for you to listen to again and email highlighting central aspects of the interpreation to support full integration of the insights.

Sessions must be booked at least 3 days in advance as it takes several hours to prepare an interpretation.



Although I have been familiar with my sun and moon signs, I was eager to learn more about my astrological blueprint. Jessica's extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for astrology enabled me to gain deeper insight into my personality and life mission. There were moments throughout the reading that affirmed significant turning points in my life and offered areas of myself that I can work more with. The chakra clearing meditation was also a beautiful way to set the tone for a peaceful and open space! I look forward to processing more about what I learned as I engage with the ebb and flow of life. The recorded interpretation will also be a great tool to use when I need to return to core understandings about my truth. I am still processing it all, but I can't thank Jessica enough for her intuitive powers and ability to hold space for my soul's journey.

Julie S. - Washington, DC

I had no expectations for our session--but it blew me away.  I was amazed by all the intricate facets of each individual's astrological chart, and how each piece represents nuances to a person's nature, inclinations, visions, and passions.  This information alone would have been worth the time and energy of connecting with Jess for this reading--but in addition to all of this rich wisdom, she incorporated an intuitive element, her own interpretation of each element of my star chart.  And that was pure gold.  

My sun sign--which I knew only by reading a lot of bad horoscopes from questionable sources--became something I had essentially discarded for feeling so little connection to what I'd understood Leos were supposed to be like.  By the end of my session with Jess, and as a result of her perceptive (and spot-on) interpretation of my Leo-ness, I realized I had always been a Leo--I had just been mis-perceiving it all along!  

And this was just one nugget of cherished wisdom I received from Jess.  Additionally, I learned my rising sign, the location of each of my planets, their houses, nodes, etc.--each piece revealing more resonant wisdom about me and every facet of who I am, how my life has unfolded, and what remains in store.  In addition to her intuitive interpretation of each piece of information, Jess also offered an affirmation and a question for essential inquiry that I have continued to ponder and grow from since our session.

In short, my session with Jess was invaluable.  I can imagine there are many people who have learned to read star charts--at the end of the day, it's a science that can be learned.  But learning that your North Node is in Gemini can only get you so far.  The richness of a reading like this lies in the wisdom of the reader.  Jess is a special human, whose intuition has been honed over years of living her truth and leading a conscious, light-filled life, and that's what made this reading so special.  It was her perception that allowed her to personalize this reading to me, to translate it into something that deeply resonated with me, and remains a cherished trove of information that I revisit and reflect upon often, to this day.                                      

- Adiel Suarez-Murias, Washington DC


"Jessica's reading was a force in understanding my mind, creativity, and process - both internal and external. To have the insights that she has on the cosmos is a Blessing! 

Jessica navigated the things that I constantly struggle with and gently guided them. It was such a sigh of relief to hear her affirm my abilities and capabilities because Jessica knew what I was made of and how this contradicted much of the world we live in. I can look back and apply her lessons to past moments of defeat and better understand the situation. With Jessica's intuition, I have been able to sit with and shift the chaotic experiences I have had.  

I am still in awe of the reading. The thorough analysis of my chart was eerie at times because she described my thought process without having to say anything. That was also incredibly empowering. I navigate this world with anxiety and her recognition of my patterns is helping me be compassionate with myself and has calmed my nerves, tremendously. 

Jessica's astral reading is another vital tool in supporting my growth and me in this world. Rather than being hard on myself, I've taken the themes from the reading and invited them into my life to see the past and present differently - and are they ever! 

There are so many lessons learned in this reading that I am still processing it all. I can't thank Jessica enough for sharing her intuitive gifts with me!"

- Ayari M Aguayo-Ceribo, Washington DC


"I did not know what to expect for my very first astrological chart read.  Growing up in Christian communities and coming of age as a student of the sciences, I was taught to be absolutely dismissive of deriving meaning from what goes on in the skies.  Working with Jess proved that line of thinking to be untrue.  Jess's huge knowledge bank on astrology helped me derived much meaning from my chart read.  She not only confirmed many traits about my personality and inner life--many of which I thought were my best kept secrets--she also gave me practical advice and guidance on how to move forward with my life goals.  We opened the read with a wonderful mindfulness-based meditation, which set the stage for the abundance of peace, calm, patience, and clarity that was present in our shared space.  I also got a recording of the session which means I can go back anytime to revisit what was shared.  The experience was dopeness; it was amazing."

- Okezie Nwoka, Washington DC


"My session with Jessica was amazing. I took away SO much from it. She is so wise and intuitive. Without me saying anything, Jess would affirm thoughts that had been lurking in my mind. Afterwards I felt clear and inspired about my next steps in life. She has the ability to create a safe open space where you can be vulnerable and feel supported and guided with whatever has been going on inside - whatever stories, traumas, patterns have been going on in there. She is able to provide you with knowledge of really getting to know yourself better. This Christmas I am gifting several of my best friends the very special gift of 'knowing ones self'"

- Natalie Powell, Melbourne, Australia